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Make sure you are ready to demonstrate your English and be prepared to the test that opens doors around the world

IELTS is the world’s proven English test. More people go more places with IELTS Direct English offers comprehensive preparation and practice sessions for IELTS.

This course gradually builds up the skills, language and test techniques that the students require to approach the IELTS with confidence. The course contains a detailed introduction to the test and a full answer key     and is equally suitable for use in the class room.

Our courses help you develop all the required skills that you need to pass IELTS test, delivering the preparation course by specialized trainers who can help you in step by step learning.

The obvious progression from studying the English language, is to put what you have learned into practice, in a country where English is spoken. Book your IELTS Preparation course & test, and help prepare you for life in your new country

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I’m Saba Aghebati, I improved my knowledge from Expression. I was recommended to start my General English courses with level 4 .learned many good things here and I like this place because all of the people who worked here are so positive, energetic, and helpful. Course attended : GENERAL ENGLISH COURSES
Saba Aghebati


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