Expression Public Calendar June 2018

Course NameTimeNo of HRSDate for JuneBook Your Seat
FOUNDATION9 AM - 11 AM 50 Hrs03-June-2018
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DIRECT ENGLISH LEVEL15 PM - 7 PM 50 Hrs10-June-2018
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DIRECT ENGLISH LEVEL27 PM - 9 PM 50 Hrs17-June-2018
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DIRECT ENGLISH LEVEL35 PM - 7 PM 50 Hrs24-June-2018
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DIRECT ENGLISH LEVEL45 PM - 7 PM 50 Hrs17-June-2018
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DIRECT ENGLISH LEVEL59 AM - 11 AM 50 Hrs03-June-2018
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IELTS 3 PM - 5 PM 50 Hrs10-June-2018
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TOEFL ibt & pbt5 PM - 7 PM 50 Hrs10-June-2018
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Business English7 PM - 9 9M 30 Hrs24-June-2018
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Expression Public Calendar for the June 2018 (Soft Skills Courses)

Short Name/CodeComplete Name of the trainingNo of HrsDate for June
CBP LeadershipCertified Business Professional in Leadership (Foundation Level)18Hrs03-June-2018
CBP CSCertified Business Professional in Customer Service (Foundation Level)18Hrs10-June-2018
CBP BECertified Business Professional in Business Etiquette (Foundation Level)18Hrs03-June-2018
CBP BCCertified Business Professional in Business Comunication (Foundation Level)18Hrs17-June-2018
CBP SalesCertified Business Professional in Sales (Foundation Level)18Hrs11-June-2018
-Business Writing Skills30Hrs10-June-2018
CBP PMCertified Business Professional in Project Management (Master Level)25-30Hrs03-June-2018
CBP MKTCertified Business Professional in Marketing (Master Level)25-30Hrs24-June-2018
CBP BMCertified Business Professional in Business Management (Master Level)25-30Hrs24-June-2018
CBP CTCertified Business Professional in Computer Technology (Master Level)25-30Hrs10-June-2018
CBP HRMSCertified Business Professional inHuman Resource Management System (Master Level)25HrsHrs03-June-2018
CBP CM Certified Business Professional in Conflict Management (Cbp businees improvement series)25-30Hrs17-June-2018
CBP DDMCertified Business Professional in Dynamic Decision Making (Cbp businees improvement series)25-30Hrs24-June-2018
CBP LTCCertified Business Professional in Leading Through Change (Cbp businees improvement series)25-30Hrs10-June-2018
CBP MECertified Business Professional in Motivating Employees (Cbp businees improvement series)25-30Hrs03-June-2018
CBP SOMSCertified Business Professional in Secrets of Management Success (Cbp businees improvement series)25-30Hrs17-June-2018

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