Expression Training Institute With nine levels to choose from, starting with the  Foundation through to Business English and beyond, Direct English offers more choices than any other English language training system.

Direct English is based on a unique learning system created by the world famous language learning expert, Louis Alexander, and is one of the most effective English Language training programs available today.

We treat every learner as an individual, not just a face in a classroom. We listen to you, get to know you and find out what works for you. We recognize everyone has different learning abilities and needs, so we start by finding out what pace of study you’re happy with.

So whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, a young professional or a senior corporate executive, Direct English is the right choice for you.

Our courses and learning methodologies in Direct English are designed to:


  • Enhance the candidate’s capability to deal with everyday situations through conversational, audio and video methods
  • Emphasize and add to the students’ listening, speaking and writing skills by watching videos, listening to dialogues and discussing the topics covered in class
  • Enable the candidate to discuss topics and important issues like family life, habits, work and ambitions with confidence
  • Guide the candidate to use written expressions and grammatical sentence structure properly, as well as dealing with emergency situations by simple instructions and advice




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I studied at Expression for several months, I am happy with the center. I’ve learnt a lot. The teachers teach very well, the staff are very friendly & nice. I really enjoyed my time in Expression Center. Course attended : GENERAL ENGLISH COURSES
Leila Nowrozi


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