Business English

Build your English ability and learn to communicate in a work environment using

Our practical Business English courses which help both beginners and professionals in achieving greater development in treating different business situations.

Get promoted in your work by improving your English skills in Telephoning, Team Working, Social English, Presentations, Customer Care, Negotiation, Management and Report Writing.

The course is developed for those who wish to become confident and successful by using English at work to develop their career in an international business environment.

Our Business English Courses will put you ahead of the competition, and make your resume stand out.

Business English is an integral part of the Direct English system which teaches effective listening, speaking, reading and writing in a business context.It specifically designed for professionals in Dubai looking to improve their English for work.

By combining dynamic course materials with face-to- face tutorials and workshops, based on real business scenarios, students develop the language skills that they need to communicate confidently in an English speaking environment.

As an English-only course, Direct English Business English is aimed at competent Level 3 / Level 4 students, or candidates with a similar level of English ability. Designed to seamlessly fit in to the overall Direct English program, students can step out of the Direct English course to take time to develop their Business English skills, before returning to the next level of Direct English.

Core subject areas include:

~Telephoning I – Customer Care
~Telephoning II – Negotiation
~Team Working – Managing Change I
~Social English – Managing Change II & Report writing

Simply put, we deliver our promises by giving you expert training that will enable you to communicate confidently and fluently in English. Obviously you cant expect less from a training provider with 100 + years of experience in the language training market.By providing you the ability to convey your thoughts and ideas in a more effective way, the Business English Course will help you advance in your career.

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