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The Certified Business Professional program CBP is an international industry credential that validates and develops the business professional through training, readying the professional for the international business world. The Certified Business Professional program’s curriculum is developed by world leaders in essential business training, the International Business Training Association, IBTA.

The International Business Training Association, IBTA is a knowledge-centered organization committed to the training and certifying of business professionals to international standards.

Available in Arabic, The CBP Program is the leading international business soft skills certification delivered in Arabic. Candidates across the region can choose to earn their certification(s) both in English and Arabic languages.

The CBP Professional certificate :

  1. CBP Leadership
  2. CBP Customer Service
  3. CBP Sales
  4. CBP Business Etiquette
  5. CBP Business Communication

The CBP Master Executive :

  1. CBP Project Management
  2. CBP Tourism & Hospitality
  3. CBP Marketing
  4. CBP Business Management
  5. CBP Computer Technology
  6. CBP Human Resources

The CBP Business Improvement Series :

  1. CBP Leading through Change
  2. CBP Motivating Employees to be thier best
  3. CBP Conflict Management
  4. CBP Dynamic Decision Making
  5. CBP Secrets of Management Success Series
  6. Training of Trainers – TOT Certification

The Certified Young Business Professional

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The Certified Young Business Professional, CYBP, curriculum is the global standard for introducing high school students to the world of business.

The CYBP curriculum was developed to provide a global standard for introducing high school students to the essential knowledge and skills required to be a young business professional, regardless of the industry. It therefore teaches a non-industry specific approach to the essential skills required in business.

This high school level course gives teenagers a current and applicable introduction to the business world, including all facets of business, from starting a business and operating it to making a positive impact to the way the business is conducted.

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