Conflict Management


Conflict Management course will increase your knowledge and ability to: Understand the two basic types of conflict and reasons as they occur, and recognize the four typical approaches to conflict. Implement the basic steps of conflict resolution, practice communication skills to minimize and even prevent conflict. Employ strategies for responding to challenging people such as; dealing with an extremely angry person or someone who will not acknowledge the conflict. Be able to handle specific situations including dealing with your boss, client, or another department.

This course is intended for:

  • Middle to Upper Management Roles
  • Executive & Leaders looking to improve their Staff Skills/Productivity
  • Human Resources Members, Head of Departments, Team Managers/Leaders and Supervisors

Language Skills Improvement

Read and identify easy and isolated words, Build simple sentences.

High Training Standard

Expert instructors teaching you effective exam strategies using the updated curriculum and with personal attention

More Engaging, more understanding.

Engage in a familiar and beginner level conversations on general topics, like greetings, compliments, requests, simple replies, the weather conditions, etc.

Increase your social and professional circle

Develop an understanding of the social life and cultures of the Arab world, with particular emphasis on the Middle East.

Seize the opportunities

Stop losing out the opportunities due to lack of language proficiency.

Work skills practicing.

If you are in sales & marketing, customer service or relationship management

Every month

10Hrs in a week total 30Hrs

we have morning class’s and evening class’s

Public and private classes available

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