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Complete learning solution of internationally recognized training methodology in general English that is composed of 9 levels stretching from beginner’s levels to advanced ones.

The system’s unique features are the flexibility to trainees to select the timings of the classes as they want, and the non-traditional methods used in the training process.

Expression Institute for Private Training holds the exclusive right to an innovative approach of teaching English from Linguaphone – Direct English.

This approach, developed by Louis Alexander who was an eminent figure in the world of ESL, is based on a simple belief that the way to learn a second language is to be exposed to the language in a variety of ways.

The course materials provide various real life situations where interacting with characters becomes very vital in the learning process. It is highly praised for its communication approach.


Most of electronic communication is in English – being able to read and write emails is a big advantage


If you want to study abroad in international universities, you need to be proficient in English

Social life

Speaking English will help you communicate all kinds of people and make great friends


Graduating with honors comes with job placement

ofessional life

The international business community often uses English to communicate, and often requires employees to speak multiple languages.


Expert instructors teaching you effective exam strategies using the updated curriculum and with personal attention

Every month.

10hrs in a week total 30hrs

We have morning and evening classes

Public and private classes available

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I’m Saba Aghebati, I improved my knowledge from Expression. I was recommended to start my General English courses with level 4 .learned many good things here and I like this place because all of the people who worked here are so positive, energetic, and helpful. Course attended : GENERAL ENGLISH COURSES
Saba Aghebati


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