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Do you ever get stuck for words or experience embarrassing silences when you meet new people and want to speak English?

If you do, you need to apply these 7 tips right away…

Use topics of conversation that have worked before:
It is a mistake to feel you have to be original each time you meet a new person. Reuse jokes, stories, and news that people have found interesting and entertaining before.

What has worked before is likely to work again?

Discover the other’s Passions:
We all love talking about what excites us. Ask questions to find out what makes their life worth living. Your reward will be someone who is delighted to talk to you.

Keep up to date with the news:
Go to Google News each day to stay current on what is going on in the world. Pick a few stories to talk about.

You can read the headlines and also do a search on any topic that comes to mind. This way you will never run out of things to discuss.

More practice
When you are alone practice taking a conversation from one topic to another. Talk it through aloud and let it flow, and remember that small talk is to bond with people. You do not have to get stuck into a serious discussion. Be easy on yourself and bear in mind conversation is a two-way street, it´s not all up to you.

The Secret of Conversation Flow

What makes some conversations flow smoothly, and others sputter or feel awkward?
In this section, I explain the principles of “Invitation” and “Inspiration” and how these two principles work together to create smooth, comfortable conversation.

Invitation, The Art of Good Questions

Invitations help to add structure to a conversation by clearly communicating to your partner when it’s their turn to speak and giving them a topic to speak about.

Inspiration, The Heartbeat of Good Conversation

It’s possible to build a conversation out of nothing but invitations, but there’s a better way.

Inspiration in Practice

Once you understand what inspirations are and what they can do for you, you’ll be eager to apply them in your everyday conversation.

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