International Legal English

If you are a law student, or qualified lawyer who is looking to progress, and get bigger and better clients, you should enroll in our International Legal English course.

Good interpersonal and communication skills are the two most essential skills that you need to excel as a lawyer.

This English language course will cover legal terms and various topics that will help you deal with many different types of clients and cases. You will also be able to apply for jobs in international law firms.

Some main topics are:

  • Company Law for corporate legal advisors
  • Commercial Law
  • Property & Real Estate Laws for real estate attorneys
  • Tort Law
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Comparative Law
  • International Law

As English continues to be the primary language of laws and legal proceedings, legal experts need to master their understanding of speaking and writing proper English. This course is the perfect choice to improve your English comprehension in a variety of legal contexts.

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